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Side & End Tables

When you decorate your living room you think about placing a sofa, a chair some other pieces of furniture. Amongst these other pieces of furniture is an end or side table. End and side tables bring a finish look to the room, they look nice but at the same time they are useful. You can place something on the surface of a small end table, for example, a vase with flowers, and the room will look better. Instead of flowers place a lamp or even a small TV.

Depending on the purpose you need a side table or an end table, you should choose the form, color, size and the material. It would be weird if you place a round side or end table somewhere in the corner of a living room. If you have small kids then you should consider buying a table that would be made of solid material.

Our range of end and side tables will definitely satisfy your desire to buy a stylish item that would fit into your living room. We have all the sizes you need — big, medium, small end and side tables, different forms — square round end and side tables, outdoor side and end tables, different styles — from traditional to modern end and side tables. Various colors of our furniture make sure that you will find a perfect match for your living room.

Before purchasing side or end tables make sure that you know what form, size, color and material you need. Below you will find some pieces of advice.

Size of side or end tables

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Side or end tables that are usually placed near the couch, sectional sofa or in the corner of the room, are made of different sizes. The most common and even traditional size —  a simple small end or side table. They are easily placed into a room, they don’t take too much space — this feature is very useful, especially if you don’t have a spacious enough room. The small size makes sense since end and side table are designed to mainly accent your living room or lounge, and not to become a centerpiece of a room. A small end or side table is great because it’s incredibly useful (you can place there almost whatever you need), but at the same time it doesn’t take up too much room space. Though sometimes a big end or side table is useful – if you have enough space and need extra surfaces to place something, a big end or side table is a great idea.

The shape end or side tables

Size of an end or side table is not a difficult question, when you decide what size to choose, you need to think about the form. Surprisingly the round end and side tables are the most popular types in comparison with square forms. They fit almost everywhere even in the corners. If you prefer a square form, then think about the narrow end or side tables. They save the space of the room if you have a small one. Oval and triangular types of tables may transform an ordinary design of a room into something special and unique. Luckily, we have all the forms so that you can find whatever you need.

The material of side or end tables

Looking for Side & End Tables? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Side & End Tables. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.
Usually they are made of hardwood but contemporary models can differ. Some manufacturers decide to combine different materials, for example, glass and wood, glass and metal. You can find tables made completely of metal materials, or wood. Just be sure that the material will fit into the room. Wood looks better in traditional designs, glass and metal in modern.

The color of end or side tables

If your room is decorated in a modern design or in the minimalism style, then think about the white end or side tables. If you desire to make a bright accent in a room decorated in pure nude or dark colors, a red, violet, blue or orange color can be a great idea. Dark colors, such as brown and even black colors, fit almost into any style — from traditional to ultra-modern.

If you want to find a long-lasting side or end table, that is made of high-quality materials but at the same time it would be sold at a reasonable price, then make sure you thoroughly familiarized with our range of end and side tables.

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