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Reclining Furniture

If you want to relax after a really difficult day, you may want to have a nap, a massage or simply to lounge on a recliner sofa or chair. Recliners allow you to kick back and to relax. At the same time recliner furniture looks elegant, stylish and has a contemporary look. It is functional since it does not need a lot of space — when you need to relax on a sofa or a chair, you just kick back, but after that you can move the furniture into previous position.

Our collection of recliners includes different styles, colors, upholstery and padding materials. We have all types of recliners — recliner chairs, reclining sofas, loveseats and even sectionals. We have different sizes — from large to small recliners, various materials — from polyester to leather recliners. We offer quality furniture that goes with an appealing price. If you want to know what types of recliners exist, how you should pick them so that they fit into the interior, then read the information below.

Types of recliners

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You may distinguish recliners due to the type of the furniture and due to the fact how it is used. There are chairs, sofas, loveseats and sectionals. But you may also find manual and power recliners.

Manual recliners are the most popular kind of recliners. They are always cheaper than power recliners, plus they are easy for everyone to use and maintain. Usually a manual recliner has a special handle on the side panel of a sofa or chair. You should pull it and the handle will release the footrest, this will allow you to lean back and to relax. To return it to the previous position, simply push the footrest with your feet.

Power recliners are easy to use — just but the button and you are in a reclined position. You don’t need to use force to place a chair or a sofa into a comfortable position, with the press of the button you kick back and with another press of the button you move back to the previous position. Though they have disadvantages. The first one is the price, if you compare it with the price of manual recliners, you will see that power recliners are more expensive. And the second disadvantage — they should be placed near an electrical source of power.

What upholstery material should I pick

The type of upholstery material that you may choose while shopping for a comfortable recliner chair, sofa or loveseat, should be comfortable to the touch but at the same long-lasting. The most popular recliners are leather – they fit almost into any style — from retro to modern, leather is nice to the touch. Polyester is one of the materials that are considered to be the most long-lasting, it is also nice to the touch and it is easy to take care of such a material. You may prefer luxurious velvet or silk, though you should bear in mind that it is difficult to take care of such materials.

What about the color?

Looking for Reclining Furniture? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Reclining Furniture. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.
If you prefer traditional styles of interior where all the colors match, then choose due to the color range of the living room. But if you want to bring a spark to the room, you may consider the option of creating a bright accent. Simply choose a different color and your recliner chair or sofa will transform your room. If the walls are painted in dark colors, then consider buying a brighter sofa or recliner chair. You may consider the option of purchasing a recliner sofa or chair of a hot color, for example, red or orange. Red and orange colors look nice in rooms where gray color prevails, such rooms look modern, exquisite and bright accents bring uniqueness to the design of a room.

What style should I pick?

If the style of your room is ultra-modern, it would be strange to place a retro recliner into a room. The main rule is to pick the style that would fit. The most convenient style is traditional. For a traditional-looking room you could pick a modern recliner, retro, etc. But if your room is decorated in a rustic or modern style, some models of recliners won’t fit.

If you want to find buy a quality piece of furniture, look at our collection of recliners. Our designs are beautiful and elegant, we have various models that come in different styles, sizes and colors. Be sure that you will buy a nice recliner at a reasonable price.

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