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Ottomans & Poufs

An ottoman is a type of sofa or a chair that has no armrest, headrest or back. It is usually used as an extra seating place, as a coffee table or as a couch or sofa. It is commonly used as a decor, but it also has a functional role.

The noticeable feature of ottomans and storage ottomans is the fact that they are overstaffed — this means that you won’t see the frame of an ottoman. You can place an ottoman in front of a sofa and use it as a support for your feet — very useful and comfortable, especially after a difficult day.

The difference between the regular ottoman and a storage ottoman is that the last item is a bit wider so that several people can sit on it simultaneously or put their feet on it. It is useful when you have a party or your family consists of more than four or five members — in this case you need an extra place to sit.Looking for Ottomans & Poufs? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Ottomans and Poufs. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Ottomans may come in different forms, colors, upholstered differently, even the padding can vary. Luckily our range of ottomans provide our customers with different models and different prices. You may find cheap ottomans with storage, round or square ottomans. We have different upholster materials – cotton, linen, velvet, leather ottomans etc. You will find whatever color you need. Additionally, we have trays for ottomans and even coffee table with ottomans.

Deciding which ottoman you want to place in your room, you need to think about the upholster material, its color, form, style or model. Will it play a role of an accent chair in a living room or you simply need it to place it in a corridor of your house, so it will be comfortable to sit on it while putting your shoes on? Answer these questions, and then you may decide what model you need in your house. Or you may purchase several simple and storage ottomans — place several in the living room, one or two in a bedroom, and another one in the hallway.

So, consider such factors as upholstery material, color, style, and type.

Ottomans and Storage Ottomans Colors

The answer always lies in the decor of the room you want to put an ottoman in. If you recently moved in and now you need to decide what furniture you should place in your house or apartment, then carefully make a plan where all the furniture is represented by colors. You don’t want to buy an ottoman of the shade of green and then you will change your mind and realize that you want a red or orange sofa. Green and red is a great combination only for a Christmas party. So decide what color would be your sofa, coffee table, end and side tables etc.

If you already have a completely finished room and you want to buy an ottoman, then pick up the colors that fit into the room. For example, if the prevailing shade is warm, then pick an ottoman represented by a warm color. If nude color prevails, choose the color of cream, white etc. Though you can make accents with ottomans — the most obvious idea is a black sofa and white ottomans, and vice versa.

Ottomans Styles

Looking for Ottomans & Poufs? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Ottomans and Poufs. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.
The moment you made a decision about the color that will fit your room, you need to decide in which style your ottoman would be made so it will fit into your room. The style of an ottoman with storage is dependent on the design of your living room or another room where you want to place it. So, if your room is represented by a modern style, then an ottoman should be in the same modern style. It would be strange to find a retro ottoman that is placed into an ultra modern living room. The same rule works if you put into a simple hallway an expensive ottoman made of fine leather.

Storage Ottomans Upholstery Materials

If you desire to have a rest on a soft ottoman, then you may prefer velvet or microfiber. The disadvantage of such materials is that they aren’t durable materials and you’ll need to constantly take care of them. If you want something more durable, then consider genuine or faux leather.

We offer you a wide range of ottomans, you may find whatever item you were looking for at a reasonable price. We have different models, colors and materials, so that they will satisfy your preferences.

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