Futons & Sleeper Sofas

You probably would be surprised to know that futons have a Japanese origin. Original Japanese futon resembles more a mattress than a sofa or even a bed, though originally in Japan it is used like a bed. All the parts of an original futon can be folded and stored into the closet, so that the room may be used as a living room and not as a bedroom.

Western futons look like low sofas that can be transformed into beds. In this way you can use one room as a living room, a bedroom or a guest room. It saves space, especially for those who has small rooms and want to use a room not only as a bedroom.

A futon also can be called a sleeper sofa since you can use it as a sofa and at the same time as a bed. You just need to accomplish some actions, and a relevantly big bed will replace a sofa. You can call it a transformer sofa since it plays a role of two different objects.

We offer our customers a wide range of furniture, you may find cheap sleeper sofas, sectional sleeper sofas, cheap futons from IKEA etc. We have in range different sizes, forms, colors and upholster materials. We always make sure that our clients receive the best furniture they can find at the reasonable price.

Advantages of futons and sleeper sofas

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If you live in a small apartment and don’t have extra rooms, you may use futons or sleeper sofas — your bedroom would serve as a living room. If you live in a hose but still don’t have an extra room that could be used as a guest room, then use a futon or a sleeper sofa. Now you won’t face the problem of how to accommodate all the guests in your house.

Futons and sleeper sofas look nice and elegant but at the same time serve as a bed and as a couch — it’s very convenient.

How to choose futons or sleeper sofas

They come in different forms, colors, the upholstery materials differ. So, let us find out what sofa will fit which room.

Choosing the form

Futons and sleeper sofas are represented by different shapes and sizes, so that they could easily fit into your home style. You may buy a set which will include frame, mattress, covers, cushions or you can later buy some of these parts.

Some futons or sleeper sofas come as one part — they don’t break into different parts. But the most popular models can be transformed into beds for two people, three or even more. Very convenient, especially if you are a party-person. Now you don’t have to worry about your guests – they won’t need to leave your house or apartment.

Upholster material

Looking for Futons & Sleeper Sofas? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Futons & Sleeper Sofas. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.
What is great about the upholster materials is the fact that you can change them. It is convenient if some years later you will decide to change the interior of the room or to simply paint the walls in a different color. You just need to buy a new cover of the appropriate color for your futon. It is also convenient since in the case of blemishes, strains and spilled drinks or food, you may simply change the cover.

Futon and sleeper sofa padding

The mattress of your futon or sleeper sofa should be comfortable since you or your guests may sleep on it. It is important to choose a futon with an appropriate padding. Usually the best items are padded with cotton, foam or polyester materials. These materials are soft enough to provide a comfortable nap. Sometimes manufacturers use springs but nowadays it’s a rare decision. Springs considered to be not that comfortable as foam or cotton, mattresses with springs tend to get thinner and springy — this feature makes people uncomfortable.

Futon and sleeper sofa frames

The noticeable feature of futons and sleeper sofas is the frame — you can see it. This means that the frame should fit into the interior. Luckily you may find futon and sleeper sofas frames in all sorts of materials (wooden to metal) and colors (from nude to bright).

You may be sure that our range of furniture is represented by the best sleeper sofas and futons. The items that we offer are popular on such websites as Amazon, but our prices are exactly the same.

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