Breakfast Nooks & Dinettes

Usually these two factors — functionality and spaciousness are very important in the kitchen. On the one hand, you need your kitchen to be convenient, all the kitchen tools need to be at arm’s reach so that you will feel comfortable while cooking. On the other hand, you need free space to move in the kitchen. It is so tiresome when different objects stay in your way. There is a solution — use dinette sets or breakfast nooks.

It doesn’t matter whether your kitchen or dining room is small or big, all of us want to use properly all the space in a room. What do we usually place in the corners of the room? There are not many options of what we can place it. But at the same time if you use room corners properly, you can make the room more functional and spacious.

What is the difference between breakfast nooks & dinettes and a simple dining set?

Looking for Breakfast Nooks & Dinettes? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Breakfast Nooks & Dinettes. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.A complete dining set is usually slightly bigger than a nook or dinette. Breakfast nooks and dinettes don’t take up much space though they still can accommodate a relatively big number of people. Usually they are placed in the corner of a room but they may also be placed in the middle or near the window, etc.

Our store offers our customers a wide collection of kitchen dinette sets that may fit into any decor. Our dinette tables and chairs are cheap but at the same time they are made using high—quality materials. Our models will last long so that you can use them for years.

Most of the setts contain tables of square or rectangular shape, but in our store you will find round dinette sets. Our breakfast nooks are represented by different models — those that can be placed wherever you want in the kitchen; those that can be placed in the corner; and models that have storage.

We offer you different options so that you will find the best quality furniture for your kitchen or dining room. Before you decide what model you should purchase, let’s find out what are the options and how you can use them in your house or apartment.

Dinette and breakfast nook models

If you think that a small table is a disadvantage, you may be right. Though it is convenient for small kitchens or dining room, they are inconvenient and inappropriate for big families. But dinettes may be expanded — there are expandable models. You may expand the model when you and your family have meals, and then you may fold the expandable parts and you will gain free space. You may also find an expandable breakfast nook.

You can also find a breakfast nook with storage. The storage is hidden in the bench — it works as a chest, you simply need to lift the lid and place some objects inside the bench or take them out.

A corner breakfast nook set is placed in the corner of a room. Such an item creates a homey and cozy atmosphere. People feel like they are in a separate world. Especially if you place soft billows so that people can lean on them.

Dinettes and breakfast nook tables can be made in different forms — rectangular, square, oval or round. Each of the mentioned shapes can fit into any room — from small kitchens to big dining rooms.

Choosing the material

Looking for Breakfast Nooks & Dinettes? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Breakfast Nooks & Dinettes. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.The most popular material is wood. You can find items that are made using genuine or synthetic wood, the latter is less preferable. Synthetic wood is more susceptible to destruction, if you use the item often, then be ready to replace it after five-six years of usage. Hardwood is more preferable, since the material is long-lasting, you can use it for dozens of years.

Another option is stone. Stone, especially marble, is considered to be eternal. The other details of a furniture set may be made using wood or more rarely metal, but the top is made using stone. Another idea is to but an upholstered model — where the bench is made using an upholster material with padding inside it. Sitting on such a bench all people feel more relaxed and comfortable.

We offer you different options depending on which material, color and style you prefer. We sell furniture only of the highest quality though our prices are reasonable that make our furniture affordable.

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