Filing Cabinets

When decorating your home office or office at work, you need furniture that will help to keep your documents organized. Nothing spoils the working atmosphere more than chaos in your office. If you need to organize your documents and other belongings, you may purchase filing cabinets.

What is a filing cabinet?

File cabinet looks like a chest of drawers only it is used to store files, usually in folders. These cabinets have several drawers that slide out when you need to put something into or to take out. Common forms of these cabinets are vertical and lateral. The first form is taller the second, though lateral cabinets are wider. Usually such items are made using wood, metal and rarely plastic materials. One of the best options that you can buy is fireproof filing cabinets — they are made using materials that won’t burn or melt if there is fire.

Looking for filing cabinets? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap filing cabinets. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.In our store you may buy different filing cabinets depending on your needs and preferences. We have vertical and lateral filing cabinets so you can choose depending on the free space in the room. If you need to decorate the office, then you may take a look at our office filing cabinets. We have different models for offices, made of metal or wooden materials, though the best option is fireproof filing cabinets. Even if the worst happens, your documents will be safe.

Our wooden filing cabinets look elegant and they may fit into your house, especially if you want to create a home office, or you simply want to have a place where you could store your personal documents. Our metal filing cabinets are solid, long-lasting and may fit into any office. If you prefer famous furniture manufacturers, then take a look at our filing cabinets IKEA.

Before purchasing a file cabinet, let’s find out what are the models and which one you can choose.

Vertical file cabinet

A vertical cabinet may be tall enough to reach the size of a person, or it can be smaller to fit under the desk. If you have many files to store, then you probably will need a taller item. But if you prefer to keep the important documents at arm’s reach, then you may want to place a smaller vertical cabinet under your desk. Next time you will need some folders, you won’t need to stand up from your chair and to go to the folding cabinet, you simply reach under the desk and take whatever file you need.

Lateral filing cabinet

Lateral cabinets are wider than vertical models, though they are not that deep as vertical models. Lateral cabinet is a great idea when you want to organize your files in a specific order. For example, you categorize your files by some criteria and it is better and more comfortable for you to put all such categorized files in one drawer. When you need to use one of the files, you open the drawer and all the files are exposed to you. If you use vertical cabinet, you need to open the drawer and to dip into the drawer to find the needed file.

Fireproof filing cabinets

Special model of a cabinet that is made to protect your documents. They usually have a construction that uses double walls. A specific fire proofing material is used and it is put between these two walls. The construction has other features — there are no gaps between door, drawers and the whole item. This makes it impossible for flame or even gases to penetrate into the cabinet.Looking for filing cabinets? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap filing cabinets. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Choosing the right size

When it comes to choosing the size of a cabinet, usually people look at the number of drawers. The more you have, the bigger the size is. If you need a filing cabinet for your home and you will store there only your personal and most important documents, then you probably won’t need a big cabinet. A two- or four-drawer file cabinet would be enough.

If you need to use the file cabinet in an office for working purposes, then first of all you need to decide what number of documents you need to store. Depending on the number of folders and hoe you want to categorize them, you may choose the size. But at the same time, small cabinet may be a benefit — you can put it under the desk to store the most important files.

If you are looking for quality filing cabinets, then look at our collection of furniture. We always try to provide our customers with all the possible options so that they will find the item that is best for them. Our furniture is made of high-quality materials but at the same time we offer reasonable prices. We always make sure that our clients stay satisfied with their purchases.

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