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Wardrobes & Armoires

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between a wardrobe and an armoire? Both of these types of furniture are designed to store clothes, so how can they be different. In a wardrobe you usually store only your clothes, sometimes accessories such as belts, purses, wallets etc. In an armoire cabinet you may store clothes, accessories and even electronics.

Wardrobe closets and armoires are characterized by such main features — they are tall with sections to store personal items and usually the have two doors.

We offer our customers various models of wardrobes and armoires. If you prefer wardrobes that have several additional sections to store your personal items and cloth, then look at our range of functional, convenient and stylish wardrobe closets and armoires. Our collection is represented by different colors — if you have a bedroom that is decorated in light colors then it is not a problem to find an appropriate color. If your bedroom is made in dark or bright colors, then look at our range of wardrobes made of dark hardwood or painted in bright colors. If your room is designed using such styles as classical, modern, loft, retro or rustic, then you will definitely find the best item to fit your bedroom. All of our furniture is made of high-quality materials and we make sure that our range of styles is versatile so that all of our customers will be satisfied.Looking for Wardrobes & Armoires? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Wardrobes & Armoires. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

If you are looking for smaller sizes wardrobe closets then we may offer you petite but at the same time functional wardrobes and armoires. We have all the sizes so that each client can find exactly that kind of item that he needs and that will fit into the room. Our store has most popular items that are sold on Amazon, for example, IKEA wardrobes, but our prices are more reasonable than on other websites.

If you have no idea what item you should choose, then read the information below. It can give you a hint or even an instruction of how to choose a wardrobe closet.

What style should I choose?

Usually wardrobe closets are made in modern or traditional styles. Traditional style is represented by such materials as hardwood and brown, black or white, nude colors. These items are characterized by sophisticated carvings represented by floral or geometric patterns. Such items look exquisite and luxurious, some of them can be painted in different colors that natural hardwood does not represent. Traditional wardrobe closet is perfect for a room designed in classical, traditional, rustic, vintage and retro styles.

Modern styles are also represented by the hardwood material — it is the most popular and eco-friendly material. At the same time, you may even find wardrobe closets made of metal, but such items are really rare. Usually they are made of hardwood but the design completely differs from the traditional one. You won’t see carvings or ornaments, modern wardrobes are characterized by straight, smooth or abrupt lines, minimalist design but at the same time they contain a sufficient number of sections to store your cloth.Looking for Wardrobes & Armoires? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Wardrobes & Armoires. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

So if your bedroom is designed in an obvious style, for example, vintage, you should stick to it and choose an appropriate style of a wardrobe. But if your room uses a combination of styles, then you have several options.

What color of a wardrobe should I choose?

Did you now that color can visually enlarge a room? If you have a small room or a room of medium size but you want to enlarge it, then use light colors. Light shades visually make the room bigger.

If your room is big enough, you may choose darker colors if you like them. But if you have a small room and prefer dark colors and the whole room is made in dark shades, then a white wardrobe would look weird. Consider an idea of purchasing wardrobe with mirrors on the doors. Visually it will make the room bigger.

What about the material?

The most popular, convenient and reliable material is hardwood. Though you may find models made of plastic and metal materials. Usually materials can be combined, for example, metal or wood with glass.

Choose whatever wardrobes you prefer from our collection and be sure that you purchase a stylish, functional and quality item for the best price you can find. We make sure that our clients have different options and that they are satisfied with our furniture.

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