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A mattress is an important, if not to say vital component of a bed. You sleep on a mattress so it should be comfortable. The comfort of a mattress depends mainly on the padding or springs, but to some extent the fabric also plays a role. Though people usually use sheets to cover the mattresses, the fabric has to be made of an appropriate material.

Some mattresses consist only of two components, these are padding and the cover fabric. Some of them may contain even four components — a wooden frame, padding, springs and a cover fabric. Depending on the bed people choose the mattress that will fit.

Modern mattresses are usually made using padding, not the springs. Springs can make you very comfortable at first but when years go by, springs start to screech, which makes it impossible to fall asleep. At the same time padding is considered to be long-lasting though some people find that the padding without springs is a bit to solid for them to fall asleep. A compromise is a combination of springs and padding — the mattress is still soft but at the same time it is more long-lasting, since the padding prevents the springs from breaking down.Looking for Mattresses? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Mattresses. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Our range for sale offers our clients the best mattresses they can find and what is more appealing is that the prices are reasonable which makes the mattresses affordable. Our cheap mattresses go at a reasonable price but that does not mean that they are made of low-quality materials. All of our products are long-lasting, comfortable and versatile. If you want find top-rated mattresses, you will find them amongst the range of our products, for example, we have best Costco, Sears and IKEA mattresses that go with an appealing price. Want to purchase popular nowadays memory foam mattresses? Then you can find such a mattress of an appropriate size within our range of items. Air mattresses are also in range so if you prefer such an item, you can buy it.

If you don’t know or are not sure what model should you buy, then read the explanation below. Find out from what components are made parts of mattresses and what model you should buy.

Mattress components

Depending on the manufacturer all the components may be recyclable. This matter is important since mattresses are big items and when they get thrown away, they take too much space. This is why it is important to choose mattresses made of recyclable materials. Luckily our collection of products contains only such items.Looking for Mattresses? Explore our wide selection of Quality and Cheap Mattresses. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Mattresses are made up of two to four important components, some of them are essential:

  • Foam padding — one of the best paddings is considered to be the memory foam since it transforms into the form of a person that sleeps on a bed. It is one of the best but at the same time there are other foams less expensive but comfy, for example, cotton.
  • Cotton fabric — usually the cover is made of cotton since it is completely recyclable and at the same time soft to touch, natural and hypoallergenic.
  • Steel springs — depending on the manufacturer the springs are sometimes omitted. Usually manufacturers produce mattresses that combine padding and springs, and omit the springs if the use special padding.
  • Wooden frame — a recyclable material that is hypoallergenic.

Mattress styles

Usually they are classified due to the padding material:

  • Innerspring mattress — the oldest and most popular model. Inside working a steel support system, sometimes you may find pillow tops on one or both sides of an item.
  • Gel mattress — as it is understood from the name of the model, it contains gel foam for support. It is considered to be a comfortable and affordable item.
  • Latex foam mattress — the foam is made either of petroleum- or plant-based materials. The last one is better since is made of natural components.
  • Memory foam mattress — to create such a mattress, manufacturers use polyurethane foam, partially it is used as a support system and in the outer layers, that adapt to a person’s shape.
  • Hybrid mattress — a combination of innerspring and foam mattresses, uses springs and foam.
  • Air mattress — usually manufacturers combine the air chamber with a foam material for more comfort.

If you want to purchase the best mattresses for a reasonable price, then look at our collection. We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with their purchases.

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