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Trundle Beds

Most of us try to create in our homes places where friends and relatives may stay for the night. The problem is that not all of have extra rooms to create a guest room, so we use such means as folding beds or trundle beds. If a folding bed can be hidden inside a closet, a trundle bed looks like an ordinary bed except it has one huge benefit — you may wheel out a whole sleeping place from under the bed.

When it comes to decorating your house, you need to consider all the possible options that will allow your home to become not only a comfortable and stylish place, but also functional and convenient for you and your guests. Nowadays you can find furniture that takes up not much space and at the same time allows you to use it properly.

What is a trundle bed?

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A trundle bed has an additional mattress that is placed under the bed. It may remind of a storage bed since the bed looks like it has additional space under the bed. Trundle bed are usually taller than ordinary beds. Trundle bed frame designed in such a way that a second bed can be hidden below the main bed. Trundle beds are represented by different styles and especially sizes. You may buy a queen size bed with trundle of the same size as a main bed — which means that you have four sleeping places. A great idea when relatives or friends love to stop by and to stay for the night — using a bed with trundle you may create four extra sleeping places for a family with two kids.

You may even find a daybed with trundle — a great idea for a living room. A daybed with trundle looks like an ordinary sofa – at least three people may sit on it. But if you need extra places to accommodate your friends or relatives, then a daybed with trundle may be transformed into a bed where at least two people may sleep.

If you have enough space in your kid’s room, then you may place a trundle bed for your kid to sleep on and a daybed with trundle as a sofa. This way you create at least three extra sleeping places for your child’s friends – one under the main bed, and two extra places when you transform a daybed into a bed.

Our store offers you various models of beds with trundle — from twin to full size trundle bed, queen or king size beds with trundle and even daybeds with trundle or bunk bed with trundle — a special bed where ate least three people can sleep simultaneously. Some of the beds that we sell can be found on Amazon, for example, IKEA trundle bed, but they go with a lower price.

We always try to provide all the possible options for our customers, so that you will find an item that will fit into your interior. You may find in our store trundle beds that are made using different materials, colors and styles.

Choosing the right model of a trundle bed

Looking for Trundle Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Trundle Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Different models may be used in various situations. For example, a daybed with trundle may be placed in your living room so that you can sit on it while watching TV, reading a book or simple having a nap. But if you have guests that want to stay for the night, simply slide out a trundle bed and use bed linen for the upper and lower beds, add pillows and two sleeping places are ready to be used.

If your kid has friends that usually stay for the night at your place, then thing about placing a daybed with trundle in your child’s room so that two extra places may be used. Or you can buy a twin bed with trundle for your kid.

You may also place a queen or king size bed with trundle into your bedroom and when friends or relatives stay for the night you may leave your kid’s room for your guests while your child sleeps with you in the same room.

Trundle beds are comfortable and they look nice — that is why they are so popular. If you want to buy a trundle bed for a reasonable price, then look at our collection of furniture. We always make sure that our clients have the best options to choose from.

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