Murphy Beds

Have you ever saw a nice and elegant desk, that functions as a working surface, that is combined with a side panel, where you can place your belongings? Imagine that you put some effort and instead of a working surface you get a bed — that will be a Murphy bed.

What is a Murphy bed?

Traditional Murphy beds are simply hidden against the wall, but modern Murphy beds offer us more opportunities. If you have a small room in your house where you may place only the most needed furniture, you can use a Murphy bed and you’ll gain extra free space. When you need your bed, you simply fold it down, put bed linen, add pillows and you have a place to sleep. When in the mornings you don’t need your bed, just fold the bed up and you will have extra place to make have morning yoga or to play with your kids.

Looking for Murphy Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Murphy Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Murphy beds sometimes are called wall beds or pull-down beds. You may find traditional models that have only doors to hide the bed or you may even purchase the simplest models that don’t have doors. But modern manufacturers nowadays create such furniture that can be functional and at the same time it meets the preferences and people’s need of elegance and style. Rather than simply creating models that are folded against the wall, manufacturers offer more complicated models, that on the lower side of the bed may have a desk that functions as a working surface. Usually the models have on one or both sides side panels so that the owner of the room may put his personal items. Other models are built in the wall and you can simply close the doors after you fold the bed — such models look like it is a simple closet.

Our store has various models for you to choose from. We have traditional twin Murphy beds, king and queen Murphy beds — choose the size that you need and find an appropriate style within our collection. We may offer you models, that can be hidden in a wall in such a way, that no one will notice the bed. We offer you more complicated models, for example, a Murphy bed desk that functions as a working or study surface, but the moment you fold it properly, you will gain a bed. If you are looking for furniture made by famous manufacturers, then look at Murphy bed IKEA — we sell IKEA Murphy beds that are affordable and functional. Within our range of furniture, you can even find Murphy bunk beds for your children.

If you are looking to save extra feet of your room, then consider purchasing a Murphy bed since it is an ultimate space saver. But the variety of models may confuse you, so let’s find out what options you have to choose from.
Looking for Murphy Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Murphy Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

What Murphy bed should you choose?

If in your room you have space to put a wardrobe against one of the walls, then consider placing instead of a simple wardrobe a Murphy bed that looks like a closet and even may function as an extra storage place.

If you have a studio apartment with only one room that serves as a living room, dining room and a bedroom, then you definitely need a Murphy bed. Consider buying a Murphy bed desk — it will function as a working surface when you need one, put there your laptop and you can study or work. When you need the bed, take all the additional objects from the desk, pull it down and you will have your bed.

You may buy a Murphy bunk bed for your kids’ room. It looks like a simple wardrobe or closet, but with some extra effort you will gain two extra beds that function like a bunk bed — one bed stands on a solid surface and the other is placed above the first one.

If you think that a Murphy bed can be used only by one person, you will be surprised that it isn’t true. If you share one bed with your significant other, then you may purchase king or queen Murphy bed.

Whatever model you are looking for, you will find it within our collection of Murphy beds. Our furniture is elegant, made of high-quality materials. It is represented by different styles and designs, moreover, it goes with a really appealing price.

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