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Four Poster Beds

A bedroom is a place where you need to feel comfortable and relaxed, where you can have a nap or complete eight-hour sleep. It should be comfortable, with relaxing atmosphere, you should feel safe and comfy. One of the main items in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. The main purpose of a bed is to give a person an opportunity to have a nice and comfortable sleep. But this is not the only function that a bed has to provide. A bed also should fit into the bedroom and it should be beautiful. If you want to arrange a royal bedroom, then think about purchasing a four poster bed.

What is a four poster bed?

A four post bed is a usual bed where at least two people can sleep, but on each corner of a bed it contains a column. The columns can create a frame as in a canopy bed. Sometimes a four poster bed has an upper panel that serves as a ceiling. Usually four poster beds go without drapes or curtains but you may add them if you want to create a special atmosphere. Such bed is also called four poster canopy bed.

Looking for Four Poster Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Four Poster Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.You may find a four poster king or queen bed — beds of the size of queen or king beds, but with columns on each side. The bed frames of such items are made of hardwood or metal, or from a combination of both materials. Usually they have headboards – if the frame material is wood, then a headboard can be decorated with carvings or ornaments; if the frame material is metal, then the headboard may be forged — such headboards look like true masterpieces.

Advantages of four poster beds

Without doubt, a four post bed looks beautiful and luxurious, it transforms an ordinary room into a royal bedroom. Four poster beds look elegant but at the same time they are functional. Let’s find out what are the advantages of placing a four post bed into your bedroom:

  • You can hang curtains on all the sides of four post bed – this may create a private and comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. At the same time curtains may function as shields from the sun rays in the mornings. If you prefer to sleep a little longer, then a four poster is created for your comfort. If you already have curtains on the windows, then you may use a semi-transparent textile as drapes. If thick curtains create a private atmosphere, then semi-transparent create a charming, magical but at the same time elegant and breezy atmosphere.
  • Four post bed with curtains keeps you warm — unsurprisingly the thick texture of folded curtains can keep the heat within the perimeter of the bed. If you live in a cold climate zone, then a four poster bed will keep you warm.
  • A four poster canopy bed brings a bit of luxury in the bedroom. Even if you prefer not to use curtains, the four columns will create an elegant atmosphere. If the frame is made of wood, then probably columns have carvings. And if the frame is made of metal, the columns are beautifully forged.
  • It protects you from the insects — but only if you use curtains. You may be surprised by this reason, but curtains can create truly private atmosphere. If you hate when in the morning you find numerous bites on your skin, then try to hang curtains around the bed frame and from now on you won’t encounter this problem.

Looking for Four Poster Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Four Poster Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.So, a four poster bed is not just a decorative element, it can be used to fix different problems, such as sunlight in the morning, insect bites and cold temperature in the bedroom.

How to choose a four poster bed?

If mainly you used wooden furniture to decorate your bedroom, then you should choose a wooden frame. At the same time, it won’t look weird if you place a four poster bed with a metal frame in a room where only wooden objects are used — this way the bed will stand out in the room.

If you prefer minimalism as a style, then don’t hang the curtains on each side of the bed or use semi-transparent curtains. If you want to create a private atmosphere in the room, then you may hang thick curtains on all the sides, or only on the left and right side of the bed.

No matter what model of a four post bed you are looking for, be sure that you will find it in our furniture store for a reasonable price. We always make sure that are clients are satisfied with the choices they make and we offer multiple options for them to choose from.

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