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Daybed is not a common bed or a sofa, it’s a combination of both that can be represented by different models, styles, colors and materials. Daybeds may be used as a place where a person can lounge after a hard working day, where he can have a nap or read a book. Daybed is sometimes used as an extra seating place in a living room or any other room. The frame of a daybed may be made of wood, metal or from combination of both materials. Upholster materials can differ from leather (faux or genuine) to luxurious velvet and silk.

Daybeds may be placed inside the house or outside it, they can even remind canopy beds — with canopy frames. You can find various designs that will match your preferences. Usually a daybed adds luxury, elegance and coziness to an atmosphere of a house, especially those models that have canopy frames.

There are various models but one of the most popular models are daybeds with trundle. Daybeds with storage would add to a house an extra place to relax or where to sit, but at the same time they add an extra place to store your personal objects.
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Our store offers you various models of daybeds. You may find an appropriate model since we have all the sizes — from ordinary daybeds to full size daybeds. If you want to decorate the bedroom of your daughter, then you may choose from our collection of daybeds for girls. Our daybeds with trundles may be a great idea if you love to invite friends — this way you will have two or even three extra places where your guests can sleep. Daybeds with pop-up trundle don’t take up much space but can be transformed into beds. Daybeds with storage may be used as a place where you can relax and at the same time you can store your personal stuff there. Our outdoor daybeds may garnish any patio or balcony.

Our cheap daybeds are affordable but at the same time they are made of quality materials so you can be sure that a model that you choose can be used for years and it won’t lose its nice appearance.

Daybeds are used as decorative objects since they bring elegance to the interior. But they also can be functional and convenient depending on the model you choose. Let us find out what are the advantages of different models.

Advantages of daybeds

Looking for Daybeds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Daybeds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.There are different models and all of them have their advantages. Let’s find out what opportunities you will gain if you purchase a daybed:

  • Daybeds with trundle will gain you an extra sleeping place. This option is one of the best since such a daybed looks like an ordinary sofa that can be places in any living room. If you love to invite guests but don’t have an extra room to use it as a guest room, you may purchase a daybed and place it in a living room. Daybeds with pop-up trundle are easy to transform — simply slide out the trundle and you have one or even two places to sleep, it depends on the size of a daybed.
  • Daybeds with storage is a great idea to place in a living room. You may use it as a simple sofa but at the same time you can store different objects in storage section.
  • Outdoor daybeds may beautify any patio, balcony or a backyard. Imagine a daybed that is placed near the tree in your yard — like a personal heaven.
  • Daybeds for girls may change an ordinary girls’ bedroom into a princess bedroom. So, if your daughter loves princess interiors, you can create one in her room.
  • Daybeds — ordinary models or models with storage place and trundle — can add elegance and luxury into any room.

Where you can place a daybed

A daybed may be placed in any room, but usually people choose living room or bedroom. Outdoor daybeds can be placed on a balcony if you have enough space there; on a patio or in the yard.

Indoor daybeds may be placed in living rooms instead of sofas — place accent chairs near both sides of the daybed and you will create a cozy living room.

You may place a daybed in front of a window and you will create a charming and magical atmosphere in any room, especially in a girls’ room.

If you want to buy quality modern daybeds for a reasonable price, then take a look at our collection. We make sure that we have a wide range of different models, sizes and colors, so that you will find out the best item.

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