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Captain & Storage Beds

A bedroom is the place where you feel the most comfortable, where you can fall asleep or get ready for a new day. But as any other room. It has to have extra space to store your belongings. For that purpose, we use drawers, wardrobes, armoire, chests etc. But what if you don’t have enough space to place an extra chest or drawer? What if you have only free space to put a wardrobe and store there your cloth? But where should you accommodate your bed linen and other stuff? If you have such a problem, then a captain or storage bed can solve it.

Captain or storage beds remind us of a bunk bed. A bunk bed has two beds – one that stands on the solid ground, and an extra one above the first one. Such item is one of the best when it comes to saving the free space of a room. But storage beds can compete in this matter with bunk beds. A storage looks similar to the bunk bed, only it doesn’t have the lover part, instead of an extra bed you get an extra under-bed storage. Beds with storage are taller than traditional beds since they have an extra place to store objects. Usually the bed looks like a mattress that is placed upon a huge chest of drawers.

Such beds help to organize free space in an appropriate way, at the same time it gives people an opportunity to store a big number of personal items under their bed. Instead of placing them elsewhere, creating chaos in the room, you have an opportunity to store neatly your cloth. There are different models of beds with storage, you will find information about each of them below.

Models of storage beds

Looking for Captain & Storage Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Captain & Storage Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Since beds with underbed storage nowadays become even more popular, almost each model of a bed now can be found with an under-bed storage.

  • Twin bed with storage — you can buy a twin bed with storage for both of your kids, the models are identical, though they can differ in color. Your children will have an extra place under the bed to store their items.
  • Platform bed with storage — modern-like and minimalist-looking platform beds can also come with underbed storage. Platform bed with storage looks like a minimalist fan dream that came true – it saves the space in the room, moreover, it gives you extra space inside the platform to store your belongings.
  • Queen storage bed — a queen size bed that can be used by two people. It has storage place underneath the bed.
  • King storage bed — a bigger bed than the queen bed, a great idea for a master bedroom. It contains more space for storage than usual or queen size bed.
  • Kids beds with storage — kids also have their important belongings, such as toys or other items. Place a kids bed with storage into the child’s bedroom and your kid will have an opportunity to neatly organize his stuff.

Advantages of storage beds

Since we usually have a lot of items to store in the bedroom, the main benefits of having a bed with under-bed storage are:

You can save space in the bedroom. A bed usually takes up much space, which means that you won’t have an opportunity to use it. But if you purchase a bed with underbed storage, then you will gain a chest of drawers of the size of a bed!

You can organize your belongings. Sometimes we have items that doesn’t belong to any group — they don’t belong to cloth or to household items, etc. So you can store these items under the bed.

How to choose a storage bed

Looking for Captain & Storage Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Captain & Storage Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.The main criterion is the size of a bed. You need to measure the space where you will place your bed with storage. Make sure that you will have free space on each side of bed to slide out the drawers. You can find beds that are completely upholstered — even the frames of the beds. Or you can choose wooden or metal material. Storage beds come in different styles, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t have an opportunity to save extra space in your bedroom.

Our store offers you different models that come in different sizes and designs. Some of our beds have drawers under the bed, others may differ and the storage place may be opened as chest — usually a platform under the mattress is used as a lid of a chest, you open it, get your items, and close it. We always make sure that you have all the possible options to choose from.

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