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Canopy Beds

A bedroom is the place where you can relax and regain strength after a working day. Bedroom has to be comfortable, relaxing and, of course, elegant and beautiful. The main item in the bedroom is always a bed. The best bed has to be made of nice and solid frame onto which you put a comfortable mattress with soft padding material. What can make a bedroom even more comfortable? Only canopy beds.

A canopy bed with its construction reminds us of a traditional poster bed. It looks almost the same, since it has posters on all the four corners of the bed. You can close the posts completely or you can leave them open. Such a construction gives you extra privacy, it can hide you from the sun in the mornings, while the drapes of the bed add luxury into the interior. Usually canopy beds have an additional poster above the bed that creates a ceiling.

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Such beds came to us from medieval Europe, though the design of such items was really plain. Those of the nobility used canopy beds not only to create a private atmosphere (their servants usually slept with them in the same room), but also the posters of a canopy bed shielded them from the chill. Only closer to the nineteenth century canopy bed curtains gained their beauty. Manufacturers of that time created wooden frames and headboards with versatile carvings and ornaments, and curtains were made of nice fabric that created a cozy and mysterious atmosphere in the room.

Modern canopy beds

Modern styles and trends are interesting and sometimes unusual n a good way. But sometimes we want to create an individual and unique atmosphere in or bedrooms. We want to feel comfortable and protected in our bedrooms and at the same time we want the design of a room to be interesting and special. Canopy beds can help to create such an atmosphere.

Modern canopy beds usually have drapes and a poster that serves as a ceiling. These drapes can be made of different material — thick rich in ornaments material, transparent or semi-transparent. Surprisingly the transparent material is one of the most popular materials. It creates a magical and relaxing atmosphere in the room.

Canopy bed frame is made either of metal or wooden material. If it is hardwood, then a canopy bed usually contains a headboard and a frame with carvings or different ornaments, such as floral, geometric, etc.

A modern canopy bed consists of several parts:

  • A bed frame — made of wooden or metal material.
  • Box of springs — placed on a bed frame.
  • A mattress — usually you can change the mattress if you prefer another kind.
  • Canopy — the wooden or metal frame that holds the bed drapes and the poster that serves as a ceiling.
  • Headboard — it can have ornaments or carvings, usually it is not upholstered.
  • Drapes — made of different materials.

How to choose a canopy bed

Looking for Canopy Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Canopy Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.There is only one model of canopy beds, it consists of the same parts, but there are different designs from which you may choose. First of all, decide what frame you want. Metal and wood are both long-lasting materials, the frame won’t get ruined after a while.

Both materials are used to create really beautiful canopy bed frames. Metal is used to create metal headboards that look really exquisite and luxurious. But bed frames made of wood can contain carvings and beautiful ornaments. Usually wooden material is restricted to natural colors, so bear that in mind, especially if you want a bright color of a frame. Metal can be painted and if you will get bored with the color, you may repaint it.

Decide what drapes you want — made of thick material or from transparent. Thick material can shield you from the morning sun and can give you some privacy. Semi-transparent or transparent material looks magical and creates a light atmosphere in your bedroom.

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