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Bunk Beds

Usually the first thought that occurs to us when we think about the bunk bed is that it is the best idea for a family with two or even three children of similar age. Though bunk beds can be used even by adults. If you are one of those people that love to gather friends in your house and hate when they leave in the middle of the fun part, then consider purchasing a bunk bed and place it into your guest room. now you will have few extra places for your guests to sleep.
Bunk beds with stairs are considered to be the type of furniture that best of all saves the space in a room. If you have kids and two of them share one room, then you definitely need to organize the free space of a room. Either you have to use a twin-over-full bunk bed or full over full bunk bed — to allow your kids to sleep there. Even if you have only one kid, you can use a bunk bed to save the space. There are different types of bunk beds, for example, a futon bunk bed — it consists of two parts, a futon below and a bed above the futon. Another similar model that saves the space of a room is a loft bed — it has a study area beneath the bed. Study area can consist of a simple table with a chair, you can put there a laptop or your kid can do there his homework.

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Before purchasing a bunk bed, you should consider some important factors. For example, do you need extra space for a study area or for a sleeping zone, what type of bed do you need and what design should you choose. Read the information below and you will find out what models exist and which one should you choose.

Bunk bed models

There are several models, most of the may be used by kids and adults.

    • Twin-over-full bunk bed — usually the construction consists of two beds, one that is above is a bit smaller than the one that stands on a solid ground.
    • Full over full bunk beds — consists of two beds that are of the same size. To climb on an upper bed a ladder should be used.
    • Triple bunk bed — consists of tree beds. Usually such an item is used when all the tree children are of similar age since there are not much space between the beds.


  • Trundle bed — an extra bed is rolled out underneath the lower bed. It can contain three beds, or only two — the first one is the upper bed, and the second is the one that can be rolled out.
  • Loft beds — a bunk bed with desk, sometimes it is also combined with a drawer to store some small items. The best idea for those who lives alone in a room but doesn’t have enough space to place a desk. Using a lower floor, you can study, and on an upper floor you sleep.
  • Futon bunk bed — a nice combination of a sofa and a bed. You or your child can hang out with friends using a futon. At the same time a futon can be used as an extra place to sleep on it.

How to choose bunk beds for kids

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First of all, you need to consider two most important factors — length and height. You should bear in mind that kids grow so the bed needs to be of appropriate length. It is best to buy a bed that is much longer than your kids.

Height should be considered because of the same factor — when kids grow they gain a risk to bump their heads on the top bed if the amount of space between two beds is not enough.

Before buying a bed, measure the space in a room where you have decided to place a bunk bed. The upper bed shouldn’t be too close to the ceiling, or your kid may bump his head onto it and get hurt.

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