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Toddler Beds

Time goes by really fast and now you need to buy a toddler bed for your child. It’s a big step and each parent wants to buy a comfortable and quality bed. It’s a good thing that nowadays parents have all the possible options and designs they can think of. If your child loves cartoons, then you may consider buying a Thomas the Train or a Lightning McQueen toddler bed if your kid is a fan of “Cars” cartoon. If you have a daughter, then consider choosing a Princess or a Minnie Mouse toddler bed if your daughter loves this cartoon hero.

There are different options for you to choose, you may buy a bed of a needed size, style and color. If you have two kids of similar age, then you may think about buying a bunk toddler bed or a toddler loft bed — the first one will allow you to save extra space and the second may even gain you extra space for your kids to play. Toddler loft beds may have different designs, not necessarily they are built one upon the other, sometimes instead of one bed under the upper sleeping place it has a play area for kids and a second bed may be situated elsewhere.

Looking for Toddler Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Toddler Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Our store offers you different toddler beds. We have toddler beds for boys and girls, for example, beds in the style of Thomas the Train, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Fire Truck etc. So, if your child is a fan of cartoons or fairy tales, then we offer you such option that will be loved by your kid. If you are afraid that your little one will fall out of bed during his sleep, then we have toddler bed rails that will keep your child safe while he is asleep. Our toddler bunk beds will save you extra space in kids’ bedroom, and our travel or portable toddler beds will make sure that you child will have a sound sleep during your journey.

We offer you a huge collection of toddler beds so that you can choose the model that will be loved by your child. But before purchasing a toddler bed consider some important factors expressed below.

Toddler bed color

Consider the color of a toddler bed frame — you may choose traditional boys’ and girls’ colors, such as blue and pink, or you can pick up something neutral, as light brown, white, ivory, yellow, green, violet etc. Try to choose bright colors that will fit into the interior of the room. You don’t have to use only one color, you may combine shades that correspond to each other. For example, combine brown, light brown, ivory and white colors, or blue and white, etc. You may consider creating a theme in your child’s bedroom, for example, sea theme, so yo may use shades of blue, color of sand etc. An ideal bed for such a sea theme would be a Little Tikes Pirate Ship toddler bed.

Toddler beds for boys

Looking for Toddler Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Toddler Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Usually parents create boys’ rooms using boys’ colors, such as blue or green, but sometimes all the shades of brown, yellow and ivory colors are used. Nowadays you can find a bed that is made in the style of a favorite cartoon, for example, Elmo toddler bed or a Lightning McQueen toddler bed.

You may consider choosing a bunk bed or a loft toddler bed if you have twins or children of similar age. This way you can save extra space and instead of placing one extra bed you may place a desk or a dresser for your kids. Usually boys love cars, so consider purchasing a cars’ toddler bed or a bed in the shape of a ship — Little Tikes Pirate Ship toddler bed, etc.

Toddler beds for girls

Traditional color for a girls’ room is pink or a combination of white and pink, so if your daughter loves such colors, then consider buying a princess toddler bed or Dora toddler bed. If your child is a fan of Mickey Mouse cartoon, then consider purchasing a Mickey or Minnie Mouse toddler bed.

If you are afraid that your daughter may fall down from the bed while she is asleep, then think about purchasing a toddler bed rails that will keep her safe. And if you have twin girls, then a bunk bed will save you some extra space in the bedroom.

If you are in search of a nice, comfortable and beautiful toddler bed, then take a look at our collection. We offer you the best options for a reasonable price.

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