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Kids’ Beds

It seems that only recently you were occupied with choosing a toddler bed and your kid was so young and small. But now you have another choice to make — to buy a kids’ bed since your child have grown up a bit. You need to choose the right length of a bed, the style which will fit into the interior of the room and more importantly the bed that your kid will love.

There are so many options that a person can feel lost. There are beds for girls and boys, the models differ, the style and colors are versatile. Though a wide range of options is an advantage. If your kids’ bedroom has a lack of free space, then you can consider buying a bunk bed. There are different models of bunk beds — either the ones that can be used by two kids, or the ones that combine a bed place and a study area and can be used by one child.

Looking for Kids' Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Kids' Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.You can choose from our wide range of kids’ beds, we have all the sizes, models and styles. We always make sure that you have various options to choose from. We have bunk beds for kids and loft beds for kids that combine study place with a sleeping area. We have twin beds for kids that are identical and only the color may differ — one of the best choices if you have two kids of similar age and they have different rooms or share one big bedroom. Our kids’ beds with storage is one of the best options if your kid has a big range of toys but has no place to store them. We have kids trundle beds with a slide-out mattress that can be used when your kids friend stays in your house for the night. We offer you items from kids’ full size beds to unique kids bed tents. And if you are looking for beds from famous manufacturers, then take a look at our IKEA kid’s beds that go with a low price.

If you already know what model you want, then you may take a look at our collection of beds. But if you have doubts, then read the information below and find out what models may fit into your kids’ bedroom

Bunk beds for kids

One of the best options if you have two kids of similar age that share one bedroom. Something about the model makes kids crazy about bunk beds. Either it’s because they can climb up and down the ladder of a bunk bed, or it’s because this special model of a bed feels like a separate house, but children adore bunk beds. If you want to save extra space in their room to place an extra piece of furniture, and make your children happy, then a bunk bed is a great idea. Instead of placing two separate beds, place one bunk bed. Though be careful and measure the space between two beds and the space between the upper bed and the ceiling — you don’t want one of your kids to bump his head on the upper bed or ceiling.

Loft beds for kids

Looking for Kids' Beds? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Kids' Beds. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.Loft bed looks like a bunk bed only instead of the lower bed it has a desk to study. Upper area contains a bed to sleep on it, and the lower part looks like a study zone. Sometimes a desk may be combined with a chest of drawers so your kid will have a place to store his pens, books, notebooks etc. He can place a laptop on a desk or he can do his homework.

Kids twin beds

Two identical model that may differ only in color. Parents usually purchase twin beds that are identical so that no one will feel deprived. If there are two rooms for each child or one room but big one, then this is the best choice.

Kids’ beds with storage

If the bedroom has a lack of free space and you can’t place an extra drawer for toys or other objects, then a bed with storage is a great option. This is a nice combination of a sleeping place and a storage place. If you want to buy such an item, then carefully measure the place her you want to put the bed. You have to leave extra place on both sides of the bed so that you child would easily slide the drawers out of the storage place.

We always make sure that our clients are satisfied with their purchases. We have the options for boys’ and girls’ bedrooms so you can find the best option.

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