Cribs — little beds with barred or latticed sides — originated from 19th century when families were starting to move into bigger homes. They needed safe but at the same time comfortable beds for their children so that they could have safe and sound sleep.

Cribs haven’t lost their popularity and modern parents place them into baby’s nurseries. Crib is an important item to choose since your little child will spend a relatively big amount of time in this little bed for kids. Parents should wisely choose the crib since their baby will use it at least eighteen and up to twenty-four months. A crib is always safe since it has barred sides so that the baby won’t fall from bed. But there are other factors that parents should consider while choosing a crib.

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We try to offer our clients all the possible options so that they will be satisfied with their purchases. Our cheap cribs are made using quality materials, they are safe, and are capable of providing your baby with a sound sleep. Your child will feel protected and cozy while sleeping in a crib from our store.

There are different models of cribs, you may feel confused while choosing an appropriate model. If you are not sure what design and model you need, then read the information below.

Types of cribs

You would think that a crib can differ only in form, color, style and material from which it is made. But it also differs in models — they may look alike but they definitely are different. Let’s find out what types of models exist and what is the difference between them.

Convertible cribs

Convertible cribs are probably the most popular models amongst the other beds for babies. It can be transformed into a toddler bed when time comes and a child grows up a bit. So, instead of buying another bed for a toddler when your child reaches the age of two, you may transform a convertible crib. Usually they come in such options as two-in-one, tree-in-one or four-in-one. Such a crib is a practical option for the parents. Instead of buying a bed, parents may purchase something different to make their toddler happy. Moreover, the frame of a convertible crib is heavy enough to hold a bigger mattress, so all you need to do when your child becomes a toddler, is to change the mattress.Looking for Cribs? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Cribs. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Cribs combined with changing table

Another popular model that allows you to buy only a bed for your child and to get instead of one item two objects — a crib itself and a baby changing table attached to it. Such a model is a great idea for baby’s room that is small and a full changing table won’t fit. Instead of buying two items, you get two in one, which means that you have extra place to put something else, for example, a chest of drawers to keep baby’s cloth.

Mini and portable cribs

If a standard crib is relatively tall and wide, then a mini crib is smaller in all senses. It is shorter and narrower so that it can fit into any room, but still a child feels comfortable in it. A portable crib may be of usual size or may be of the same size as a mini crib. Portable cribs sometimes have handles so that one of the parents can grab it and transport it.

We always make sure that our clients have all the possible options and purchase those items that match their preferences.

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