Changing Tables

If you are expecting a baby and thinking about decorating a nursery, you probably already know that a second important item in the baby’s bedroom is a changing table. Messy situations constantly occur when you have a small child and it is really difficult to handle them when you don’t have an appropriate place where each item is at hand. You may fix everything using other surfaces, but you will spend more time to change your baby’s diaper.

Looking for Changing Tables? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Changing Tables Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.There are different types of changing tables and each model you will find in our store. We have all the possible options, so you can buy a nice changing table that will help you in fixing messy situation and will make your life a lot easier. We have different models — from simple baby changing tables to crib changing table combos. You may place your new changing table near the bed, in front of the wall, or you can accommodate it in the corner using our corner changing table that looks nice and saves the space of the room. We have different diaper changing stations made by most popular manufacturers — Graco or IKEA changing table, Delta or Jenny Lind changing table, or you may purchase a Koala baby changing station. Our changing tables are painted into different colors that will fit into any design, style or theme.

When it comes to choosing a changing table, customers may feel confused because there are different models. Sometimes it is difficult to make one’s mind and to figure out what type you need — the one that has a crib attached — crib changing table combo, or the one that has a dresser attached — changing table dresser combo. And except these two models exist other types of changing tables, so you may want to read the information below and to find out what other models you can buy.

Crib changing table combo

One of the most popular types of changing tables for babies. You buy one item and get two instead of one. If the room is small or you simply want to place something else, then a crib changing table combo is an ideal option. This table has an attached crib where your baby will be comfortable while sleeping. This type of furniture is convenient since you no longer need to buy a crib – you save a relatively big amount of money and can buy something else that makes your child happy.

Wall mounted changing table

You can say, that this is the ultimate space saver — it looks like a Murphy bed since it can be folded against the wall. When you need to change a diaper, you simple unfold the working surface, and when you are finished, you just fold the table. Sometimes such tables have two or three shelves where you can put and store all the necessary items, for example, diapers, care products etc.Looking for Changing Tables? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Changing Tables Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

Folding changing table

Another space saver though it isn’t installed on the wall. It looks like a simple changing table, but the moment you no longer need it, you may fold it and place the now flat table behind the door. When the changing table is folded, you may hide it not only behind the door, but you may put it into the wardrobe or into the closet. It can be used in any room where you feel comfortable — such a folding changing table can be considered as portable baby changing station. Even if you travel a lot, you can fold the changing station, take it into your car and unfold it when you arrive. Such table is convenient and comfortable and at the same time it looks nice and fits into any room.

Changing table dresser combo

A combination of both — a dresser and a changing table. It is convenient since you may place and store all the necessary objects. While you are changing your child’s diaper, you may use the dresser and take out all the needed objects, such as new diaper, baby care products etc. In the dresser section you may store your baby’s cloth.

Our store offers you different changing tables so that you can choose the one that is perfect for your home. Be sure that you will buy the best item for a reasonable price.

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