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Accent chairs for a cozy atmosphere

An accent chair is a piece of furniture that always stands out from the whole interior. Even its name gives us a hint that this chair is placed in a room in order to make an accent. Usually it is made of a different upholstery material, it is of different color, and of different style. It plays two roles in a room – as a decorative element, but at the same time as a functional element.

You can choose our upholstery chairs not only to decorate your room but to make it more comfortable. It can be used in living rooms, in bedrooms, even outside of a house. We offer our customers accent chairs that are made of high-quality materials which makes our items a long-life type of furniture. Traditional accent chairs have arms on each side but our range of furniture can offer you unique items, such as armless accent chairs.

Features of an accent chair

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This special type of furniture has a history – mainly it was used for comfort. First accent chairs were placed in living rooms to serve as extra seats for the guests. Accent chairs with arms were used in bedrooms but not as a decorative element – only as a place to put the clothing.

Today people use it as a decorative element, though it is still comfortable. You can place an accent chair near the fireplace, introduce a visual accent to a room. You can also tie together two different styles and colors of furniture by using an accent chair of a specific color or fabric.

As for the features, the main ones are:

  • Usually an accent chair is made of a different color, style, upholstery material. It rarely goes in set with a living room furniture.
  • It is used for decorative purposes – adds a sculptural aspect to a room.
  • It can be used as a comfortable place to sit in. People can place two accent chairs of the same material, color and style creating a separate zone in one room. For example, two accent chairs can be placed in front of a fireplace.

How to choose an accent chair

Depending on how frequently it will be used, for what purposes and in what environment an accent chair will be used, you may choose the form, fabric material, style and color. One main rule is to pick up an accent chair that will differ from all the other furniture visually and even to the touch.Looking for Accent Chairs? Explore our wide selection of Quality & Cheap Accent Chairs. Free Shipping Over 25$. Daily Deals.

  • You can pick up a traditional chair – the one where only one person can sit in. Or you can choose a slightly bigger size of a chair where two people can cuddle together – using this trick, you can create a separate romantic area.
  • Upholstery material should be picked wisely. If the accent chair will be used with high frequency, then it is preferable to choose a long-lasting fabric as an upholstery. Such an item may be chosen for homes where little children and pets live. Consider cotton and twill – both materials are long-lasting, they can be used frequently and still their texture is comfortable to the touch and visually appealing. Or leather accent chairs can be used, leather is considered to be a long-lasting material and it is easy to take care of it. If you prefer to use living room accent chairs only as a decorative element, consider velvet, chenille, linen or even luxurious silk. If accent chairs for living room or bedroom will be exposed to the sunlight, for example, they will be placed near the window, consider polyester and polyester-blends since such materials won’t fade or be damaged because of the sun.
  • Choose the color. The upholster material of an accent chair should be of the highlight color. If the accent color of a room is blue, for example, then use blue accent chairs. You can also use upholstered accent chairs with floral or geometric ornaments but make sure that the pattern includes the highlight color.
  • Filling – one of the most important features that should be considered. Fillings as much as the upholstery material makes the chair a long-lasting element of interior. Usually foam filling is considered to be long-lasting and comfortable to sit on. You may prefer feather or down since these materials are softer but they lack durability.

No matter what style or color of an accent chair you choose, our range of chairs will definitely satisfy you. We can offer the most popular items, such as IKEA accent chairs. Our prices are reasonable – you can find accent chairs under 100 dollars. Ordering our furniture, you can be sure that it is made of a high-quality material so that it can be used for years.

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