Small Bathroom Ideas 2019. 10 Golden Rules

Planning a bathroom, where every inch counts, between beauty and practicality, feel free to choose the latter: spectacular, but uncomfortable solutions will quickly cease to please the eye.

To see how the design of a small bathroom should look like in the 2019 year, read in this article.

1. Mirror Reflections

Mirrors are our main helpers when working on the design of small rooms. They are especially relevant in small bathrooms, as they combine practical and aesthetic functions. If you are not afraid of some impractical large mirrors, you can install them all over the wall, and your bathroom will look much bigger. If you are not afraid of some impracticality of large mirrors, you can install them in the entire wall, and your bathroom will look much bigger.

2. Functionality is the Priority

The Washstand with a pedestal though is considered as classics, but the model with a spacious cabinet in a small bathroom is still more appropriate.

For mirrors with carved moldings spot in the hallway. Mirror cabinet — a more practical option. The most popular options for small spaces will be hanging toilets and sinks.

3. Light Shades

When it comes to choosing the shade of the walls for the interior design of a small bathroom in 2019, the first thing that comes to mind – light or even white colors. Everyone knows that such tones, unlike the darker colors, can visually enlarge the room and make it more open and spacious.

The only thing to consider is that the white color can give the room extra sterility, which will make your bathroom look like a hospital ward. That is why we recommend you to use small accents in the decoration – inserts of brighter colors that are able to “revive” the room.

Catalog Furniture tip: it is not recommended to combine more than three shades in a small bathroom. Otherwise, the interior will look too weighted.

4. Emphasis on the Verticals

Do not be afraid to visually stretch the narrow and cramped bathroom: the effect of high ceilings is never superfluous, and using the height of the walls to the maximum, having considered storage to the ceiling, is a reasonable solution.

If additional cabinets do not fit in the room, you can install a variety of hanging shelves and cabinets. This option will help to save such a valuable space in this case and at the same time you will have a place to store towels, personal care products and household chemicals.

Catalog Furniture Tip: Use the space above the toilet. As a rule, for some reason they forget about him. Then a whole piece of the wall remains completely empty. But here you can arrange, for example Over-the-Toilet Storage.

5. Only Compact Equipment

If you plan to place the washing machine in the bathroom, the standard solutions to save space will not work. The time spent on the search for small-sized models of the washing machine will pay off: there will be more space, and the whole space will become more convenient.

Catalog Furniture tip: by the way, you don’t need to look for a compact washing machine. On Amazon there are a couple of budget options for compact washing machines that are suitable for a small bathroom.

6. Best Storage is Built-In or Invisible

If custom manufacturing of cabinet and shelves in the bathroom is not your option, stop at the most concise tall cabinets in the tone tile or paint.

Use the space under the sink. On the shelves you can put clean towels or beautiful baskets with detergents. It is important not to leave the bottles and bags of powder in sight – it creates a cluttered look and “eats” extra space.

7. Plumbing and Furniture with Straight Corners is Taboo

Square toilets and sinks, acute-angled countertops and generally any protruding corners in a closet are impractical and even traumatic. Better solutions than plumbing and furniture with rounded shapes for small spaces have not yet been invented.

8. Glass or Fabric Curtain?

Although glass fencing will not spoil a compact bathroom, the issue of sprays and smudges no one canceled. But on the fabric curtain of water-repellent material with a colorful pattern drops will be almost invisible.

By the way, stopping at the shower tray and fabric curtain on a shower curtain rail, you may not spend money on the shower cabin.

9. Light – Only Multi-level

Ceiling lights, sconces, floor lighting, shelves or baths — different lighting scenarios will distract attention from the modest size of the room, will place accents and make the bathroom airy and light.

10. Accent floor is a Useless Solution

Most likely, it will be filled with furniture, equipment, a laundry basket and other subjects and even closed with a rug. Non-slip tiles of neutral shade on the floor is a great idea for a small bathroom in 2019.