Choosing a Desk for Home Office: Some Excellent Options

How to make a working interior interesting? Choose a comfortable stylish chair, a pair of unusual accessories and the best table – and the trick is done.

Have you ever thought that the quality of the work done depends on the place where you do this work? Not for nothing, many owners of modern offices are making various attempts to bring a zest to the workspace: some make rest zones, others start a “corporate zoo”, and others hang motivating phrases on the walls. All this works, but if you work (or study) at home, the main object of attention is the writing desk.

Massive carved table made of precious wood will suit lovers of classics, metal with glass top for fans of high-tech, and unusual shape and bright colors for fans of the avant-garde. In General, all depends on your style preference.  You immediately recognize your ideal table – sitting down for one, you don’t have to work, but you will.

Choose a desktop size

When choosing a desktop, pay attention to its dimensions: the area of the working surface cannot be less than 48 inches. However, the rule “The more, the better” also does not always work here. Access to items that will be out of coverage (and it is about 14–16 inches from the edge of the tabletop) will be limited. So try to choose models no more than 32 inches deep and 79 inches wide.

Adjust the height of the table and chair

Height from floor to tabletop should be at least 28 inches. Leave it under the table leg space height of not less than 24 inches, a minimum width of 20 inches and a depth of at knee level not less than 18 inches, ideally for the health of the feet get a special stand with a corrugated surface. The surface of the chair shall be at least 16 inches  wide and at least 16 inches deep, and the height of the seat shall be adjustable between 16 and 22 inches.

If your apartment does not have a full-fledged home office and you have to do business, for example, in the kitchen, pay attention to the height of the dinner table, sometimes they are lower than necessary for comfortable work and a healthy back.

Try to work while standing

Working with documents and at the computer in an uncomfortable position is fraught with pains in the spine and neck, legs. A great alternative to the standard layout is the vertical workplace. It is not only good for health, but also saves precious centimeters of space. The height of the tabletop directly depends on your height – it should be equal to the distance from the floor to the bent elbow (approximately 39–42 inches).

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