Best Living Room Ideas 2019 | Trends, Design, Decor, Colors

This article will not be like the others you are used to seeing. Catalog Furniture will tell you where the living room design strives with adding a bit of our own reasoning. We are not experts in interior design, we have no decorating experience but we can read well and well versed in design generally. That’s why we did our research in which leading interior exhibitions, interior design companies and articles from authoritative sources helped us.

Living Room Trends 2019

What is a trend? Trend in a broad sense is the direction of development in any area of life. From our point of view, the trend shouldn’t be the starting point for individual design for your living room. The best way is to opt for a particular style or styles. At the same time, be guided and inspired by current trends and from time to time update it with current interior details, decor and different novelties.

Be BOLD, be different.

Where Living Room Design moves in 2019?

The interior design is dynamic and development vector is changing cardinally all the time. Today in the trend smooth forms, tomorrow sharp corners. If you want to have a fancy and modern design of the interior which would have popular colour decisions and included a unusual decor, then read our article up to the end.

15 Modern Living Room Ideas

Living Room Style Ideas


In 2019, the 80s are back in fashion in the spirit of Memphis. The aesthetics of this design group is admired for its originality and silliness, however, only the boldest will dare to do so colorful transformation in their living room.

Well, Memphis is an icon of a rebel era. And there is nothing more to say.


An alternative stylistic trend in 2019 will be maximalism. This is a real pleasure for those who hate everything smooth and monotonous. Textures, shades, forms – all of this is a fashion trend, as a response to ascetic high-tech minimalism.

Parlor-Style Seating

Well, the “third whale” of 2019 will be the “salon” design of the living room design in the spirit of good old America, when guests gathered in a large room and everyone found something to do to taste.


We have been already accustomed that modern fashion is very democratic. It allows us to bold experiments, boldly combine extravagant accessories, harmoniously mix directions, show our imagination and as a result – create at its discretion, completely new styles and shapes. Eclecticism is freedom of action, for example, in the harmonious combination of ethnic and classical styles, or urbanism and rustic styles, etc.

Living Room Decor Ideas

Vintage Lightning

«All new is well overlooked old». Crystal pendants, fabric lampshades, forged candelabra — all this doesn’t give the maximum light flux, but forms an aura of comfort and charm. Modern vintage lamps imitate accessories that illuminate the lives of more than one generation of the family, while masking the signs of the 21st century.

Wall Lamps & Sconces

If the color of the walls is the basis for the decor, then the lighting is the final touch, without the whole composition will be lost after sunset. Artificial lighting is very important. Modern designers prefer “layered” backlight when the light sources are at different levels. The area you want to pay attention may be lit by lamps.


Carpets, like many other decorative items, then fill the whole house, then go into exile. However, decor trends for the living room in 2019 put them on a pedestal again: designers even offer to decorate walls with carpets. The carpet can set the color tonality of the living room or complement that already exists. It introduces color,pattern, texture into the interior. From a practical point of view it protects the flooring and divides the zones in an open space, so several carpets can be used in the large kitchen-living room.

Living Room Color & Paint Ideas

Living Coral

A bright, dynamic, warm shade 16-1546 (Living Coral) has come to replace the cosmic shade of Pantone Ultra Violet. The main concept that Pantone preaches in 2019 is cheerfulness, optimism, lightness and carelessness, opposing the rapid development of digital technologies and the pressure of social networks on people. According to experts of the Institute of Color this is the shade of Living Coral (Living Coral).

In the interior, this soft but very dynamic shade is not recommended to be used in large quantities. It is better to highlight a few accent items that will diversify and liven up the situation in your living room or bedroom.


According to the forecasts of many designers, the most sought-after color solution for the living room will be a natural beige color. Beige is a time-honored classic. A beige living room will always look warm. Beige shades relax the nervous system and allow you to relax. The room decorated in this color is very comfortable and gives a feeling of a cozy and homely atmosphere.

Also in the fashion will be shades of red and cold green, a lot of gold, blue and yellow as accents. The color of 2019, coral, stands on a par with shades of pink and terracotta.

Floral Fabrics & Wallpapers

The theme of flowers worries our minds again and again, especially when it comes to the various options for decorative interior decoration. But in the existing abundance and with a large variation of patterns with flower plants, not long and get lost. It is not always clear how to choose the desired print, if a particular style is clearly felt in the interior.

This year, tropical large ornaments with the image of exotic greenery became fashionable. Popular remains print in the form of a large sheet of monstera. And if earlier greens were depicted on a white background, now it is found on black. Such solutions are suitable for decorating wallpaper accent wall or in the form of textile decoration. Also at the peak of popularity are images of exotic animals and birds, especially flamingos. African ikat folk prints are back in the form of textiles.

Living Room Material Ideas

Eco-Conscious Materials

Whatever the trendy interior of the living room, the care of nature is still in vogue. Therefore, the furniture must be appropriate: either fully eco-friendly, or manufactured according to technologies for processing secondary raw materials.

Eco material must be renewable. In addition, during its extraction, as well as the preparation of raw materials, energy costs, environmental pollution and waste generation after the production of the material should be minimized. Also, the material must be environmentally friendly for humans.

Speaking of ecology, at the Stockholm Design Week exhibition that took place on February 4 – 10, 2019, students of the Swedish Academy of Design offer to pay attention to consumption processes and purchase new pieces of furniture only when the existing ones fail, so as not to litter the planet.

Velvet Upholstery

Velvet upholstery has become relevant again! Rich texture, status and decoration – this is how you can briefly characterize this material. Velvet adds style and sophistication to the interior. It’is associated with something noble and status. Still, after all, its history totals one thousand years! For centuries, in different cultures, velvet has been a valuable material, often symbolizing wealth, power and proximity to the crown.

The stereotype that furniture with velvet upholstery is a relic of the past is nothing more than fiction. However, the use of this material in the interior requires a special design approach. Use velvet with great care. It is hardly suitable as the main material in the room, but good for accents. It is better if there are no more than two objects in a velvet upholstery in one room, and one of them is preferably small.

Living Room Form Ideas


Asymmetric balance will give your room depth and some special “authenticity”, which are often deprived of strictly symmetrical and orderly space.

When it comes to achieving the right asymmetry, you need to make both sides of the room have the same visual weight relative to the center line. At the same time, in contrast to the symmetrical balance these items can be radically different in shape, color and quantity. . Moreover, in the case of asymmetry, a partial blurring of the central line is often allowed when, for example, a coffee table or a picture is shifted slightly to the side of the fireplace. To achieve balance in this case is a little more difficult, but the result is the most pleasant and cozy.

Living Room Furniture Ideas

Of course, the furniture is primarily selected for the style of the interior. But it happens that the furniture begins to dictate the choice of the main vector of apartment design. In 2019, the neoclassical and modern furniture is replaced by a minimalist and specific retro style, or rather the era of the 70s.

Cabinet furniture

Cabinet furniture is selected from light shades of wood with a large woody texture. Countertops, facade or doors are selected from matte surfaces of pastel warm shades that mimic the film from the 70s: dirty mint, dark banana, mustard. Tables and chairs have slanting round legs and uneven oval surfaces.

Cushioned furniture

Upholstered furniture this season departs from the simplicity of contemporary style and takes on noble outlines. Upholstery is selected in complex shades velvet or satin with a characteristic brilliance. This solution will perfectly fit into the neoclassical and neo-baroque styles. And upholstered furniture of velvet upholstery is built into the stylization of the 70s. The legs and fittings are found either in wood or brass in the form of matte gold.

Rounded corners and smooth lines

Furniture with rounded corners was popular in the 60s, and now again at the peak of fashion. In 2019, sofas, armchairs, tables and even carpets with smooth lines will become relevant.